The City of Sokken is a Dutch-inspired town in Newcrest. Thanks to some lovely builds on the Gallery, I’ve tried to make this a beautiful homey town that you can download and have in your games too!

It is totally CC-free but uses content from Get to Work, Spa Day, Outdoor Retreat, Cool Kitchen Stuff, Perfect Patio Stuff, and Luxury Party Stuff.

To learn more about the City of Sokken, you can view the page or browse the tag.




The City of Sokken was made with the Autumn Mod installed. If you do not have this mod installed, your trees and plants will be their normal green instead of the reds and oranges in the photos. You do not need the mod to play in Sokken.

The City of Sokken replaces Newcrest, but only in this save. If you want it in multiple saves, Save As so that you can have multiple worlds with it.

If you would prefer to just download certain lots, as opposed to downloading a save file, here are all the lot names and their creators, organised by district:

Wol: Amsterdam Canal Houses (117965), Double Townhouse (sarikali), Amsterdam row house (TGFbetaz), Little Amsterdam Furn. (JacquesDeLalaing), and Picnic Park (luckyheather).
Katoen: St Paulus Church (Ashoram1), Newcrest Rustic Pub (Plekxi), Blue Haven Bakery (chris2fer03), The Yellow Flamingo (Deligracy), Vieux Quebec (Vanderetro).
Acryl: European Taste Bakery (XxRayan28xX), Newcrest Olde Retail Town (slawfishnubu), Typical Amsterdam Houses (satalina89), Amsterdam Townhouses (Johnathan2002Y), Touch of Amsterdam (EBVW).

To install: Drop the file into your Saves folder (Electronic Arts > The Sims 4 > Saves). When you open up your game, you should be able to open it from your list of saves.

IF YOU DO NOT OWN GET TO WORK: The save will still work, but an error will pop up when you try to load it. Just click okay and you should be able to get through. You may have to re-add a few of the lots from the gallery.

Download Sokken Mirror

Map of Sokken:


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