CC Problems

This page is dedicated to solving problems with custom content – and not just mine! Please read this before sending a message to a creator to tell them that their CC is broken.

IF YOU CAN’T FIND YOUR PROBLEM HERE, please explain the problem IN DETAIL to a CC creator when asking for help. Saying things like ‘your CC doesn’t work’ is absolutely useless because we have no idea what the problem is. If we don’t know what the problem is, we absolutely can’t help you fix it. Please describe what is happening and explain what you’ve tried if you have tried anything.

Creators: if you know of another common issue and fix, please message me and I’ll add it here!

The problem: I downloaded something and my sim is showing up bald or is missing part of their body!

The solution: You forgot to download the required mesh for the item or you don’t have a required expansion pack. Please go back to the original download post and check for any requirements.

The problem: My sim is wearing some custom content and the texture of part of one is spilling onto another part!

The solution: The way textures are made in TS4 are that different areas of the texture are assigned to different parts of the body. Unfortunately, the texture sizes are tiny and that means that sometimes, creators ‘borrow’ a section from another part of the map – for example, a hair may use the texture space for hairs as well as the texture space for hats. This would mean that when you use this hair with a hat, the hair texture will spill onto the hat and often look wonky.

Unfortunately, there is no real fix unless you manually edit the textures yourself. If you want to avoid it, simply don’t combine two conflicting items. Usually on download posts, the creator will explain if there is a conflict.

The problem: I can’t start up my game because of an error code!

The solution: This happens due to corrupted custom content. The easiest way for custom content to get corrupted is your internet dropping out during a download, which means that the file you get isn’t actually the original file because it got cut off.

To find the offending piece of content, try sorting out your custom content until you find out which item causes the error. (It could be multiple items.) Once you’ve found it, delete it and you should be able to start up your game. If you redownload the item, it should work the next time.

If you’ve redownloaded it multiple times and it still breaks your game, then either your internet is really terrible, or the file was corrupted during an upload. If this happens, try contacting the creator and they should be able to figure out which it is.

The problem: Custom content I’ve downloaded recently isn’t showing up in my game!

The solution: Delete your cache files.


The problem: I downloaded an alpha or clayified hair, but it has weird yellow streaks!

The solution: You’re playing in laptop mode, which conflicts with alpha hairs. Turn it off and restart your game.


The problem: I downloaded an alpha or clayified hair, but it has really weird shine!

The solution: Your graphics settings aren’t high enough. Turn them up and restart your game.

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