Design: Summer Citrus – Illustrations, Patterns, and Actions

Summer Citrus | a graphics collection. Includes Photoshop actions for the above colours, four summer patterns, and four transparent summer illustrations done by me.

Patterns included:


The above preview also shows the illustrations included in the download. You get four separate illustration files – one with the citrus fruit, one with the watermelon, one with three popsicles, and one with three ice creams.

Terms of use:

Now, since I illustrated these myself, I would just like to make it clear that this is NOT to be reuploaded anywhere. You may not share these files without the adfly link. You are able to use these in as much of your own content as possible, be that clothing for the Sims, or as a base in another illustration, pretty much whatever. However, since it is being provided for free, you must include credit to me and a link back to this post if using it.

4x patterns in .PNG format (5000 x 5000px)

4x transparent illustrations in .PNG format (1839 x 1504px)

12x Photoshop actions, + .TXT file with HEX codes for swatches

Using the Actions:

The colour actions were made by using the White Sims 4 Hair as a base colour. If you wish to recolour hair, please select that one! If you are recolouring something else, try to get it as close to that shade as possible.

In Photoshop, hitting Shift + Ctrl + U will desaturate your image (make it greyscale).

Navigate to Image > Adjustments to find Curves, Levels, and Brightness/Contrast. These are all different ways of managing how bright, light, or dark an image is. Try playing with these if you aren’t happy with your base colour.

Press Shift + Ctrl + E to merge your image if you end up with more than one layer.

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